Smuggler’s Cove tiki drinks

I recently purchased Martín Cate’s book about his Smuggler’s Cove bar in San Francisco and tiki drinks, history and culture in general, and I’ve finally been officially drawn into the world of tiki. This book is perfect… Thoughtful, clear, beautiful photos, and most importantly one great drink recipe after another. I love this book and have loved every drink I’ve made out of it so far, as you can see from these 8 recent Instagram posts below. (You can even see that I’ve gotten the bug for tiki glassware, with more on their way in the mail as I type this.) I am officially intrigued by the world of rum, a world that’s never played in integral part of my cocktail life… until now.

A Halekulani Cocktail from my new book “Smuggler’s Cove”… 1 1/2oz #bourbon 1/2oz #lemon 1/2oz #orange 1/2oz #pineapple 1/2oz #grenadine 1/4oz #demerarasyrup 1d @angosturahouse #bitters * <shake w/ ice, then strain into a chilled coupe> *I didn’t have any edible orchids laying around for the prescribed garnish @smugglerscovesf #tiki #halekulani

My 2nd drink from my new @smugglerscovesf book is “Cosa Nostra #2”. The mrs. said she loved it, and I did too.

1 1/2oz @averna #amaro 1oz @still630 lightly aged #rum 3/4oz lemon 1d @angosturahouse #bitters Add everything into a glass of cracked ice, top with 2oz #gingerbeer and stir gently to mix. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Drink #3 from my @smugglerscovesf book now that I have passion fruit syrup… a “Demerara Dry Float”: 1 1/2oz aged rum, 1 1/2oz passion fruit syrup, 2oz lime juice, 1t lemon juice, 1/4oz maraschino liqueur, 1/4oz Demerara syrup *Shake with ice in a strainer but then open pour the mixed contents plus ice into a double rocks glass* Top with a float of 3/4oz black or really dark rum. •••••••••••••••••••••••

#tiki #demerara #rum @appletonestateja #myerssrum

Beachbum Berry’s “Mundo Perdido”… 1 1/2oz black rum 1/2oz #applebrandy 3/4oz #lemon 1/4oz #cinnamonsyrup 1/4oz #demerarasyrup *shake with ice, strain into a chilled coupe*



A “Suffering Bastard”: 1oz #brandy 1oz #londondrygin 1/2oz #lime 1/4oz #demerarasyrup 2d @angosturahouse bitters. <shake w/ ice and strain into a Collins glass> Add 4oz #gingerbeer, fill up with crushed ice and garnish with a #mintsprig

#tiki @smugglerscovesf @latitude29nola

“The Sexpert” of @smugglerscovesf – I have yet to make a drink out of their book that wasn’t fantastic. The hits just keep comin’! This one’s made with 1 1/2oz #pisco 1/2oz #gin 1/2oz #velvetfalernum 1/2oz #passionfruit syrup 1/2oz #lemon and 6d of @bittercube #trinitybitters <shake w/ ice, then strain> (Garnish w/ an edible flower, which I don’t have any)

Delicious!!! #tiki #sanfrancisco

“The Mastodon” w/ 1 1/2oz @still630 aged #rum 1 1/2oz @schnuckmarkets #bourbon 1/2oz #maraschinoliqueur 1/2oz @licor43usa 3oz #pineapple 1oz #passionfruit 1/2oz #lime 2d #peychaud’s #bitters <Add everything into a mixer, fill w/ 12oz crushed ice + 4 ice cubes, flash blend & open pour into glass>

This @smugglerscovesf book is on 🔥

#themastodon #tiki

“Merciless Virgin”… 1 1/2oz lightly aged #rum 1/2oz @cherryheering 1/2oz #velvetfalernum 1/2oz seltzer 1/4oz #drycuraçao 3/4oz lemon <Add 12oz crushed ice + 4 ice cubes, shake and open pour into glass> Garnish with cherries

@smugglerscovesf @pierreferrandpf @still630 #tiki

2 Comments on “Smuggler’s Cove tiki drinks”

  1. Sherene Lehman says:

    Hi Scientist McGee!Thank you so much for this email, it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I’ve increasingly become functionaly grumpy (life is work and no time or interest in having fun) and have gotten away from making cocktails. My over-participation in my profession contributed heavily to my exhaustion, lack of free time, negative attitude and stress, as has my awareness of the current political situation. I retired a couple weeks ago though,  and hoped by now to be the proud owner of a happier soul. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’m still difficult to be around. I can find the negative in 2,4,6 and 8. So, just yesterday, I committed to reducing my grump factor by resuming activities which formerly brought me joy. Attending summertime smooth jazz concerts, reading for pleasure… I took my Fun Car out of the garage for the first time in months, and used it  to make the weekly trip to babysit grandchildren a couple hours away, turning the event into a top down, wind blowing through my graying hair, adventure. I used to  LOVE making cocktails, and Tiki drinks topped the list. I own at least a few Beach Bum Berry books, and used to track down all kinds of rum, (the combination and types in any recipe is fascinating), and great speakeasy style or great  craft cocktail lounges wherever I was. The last, sadly several  years ago, were The Violet Hour, The Aviary, and  Two Dots and a Dash, in Chicago. I have travelled to Seattle, NYC, Vancouver, New Orleans, San Francisco, and many other places in search of interesting cocktail destinations. I live in the middle of Michigan, a great place to raise a family, but there is no getting around the cultural limitations of the area. We are best known for being a regional shopping destination (Kohl’s, Meier, and Walmart), Central Michigan University, a casino, and a man who recently made news because he hoarded 54 dogs. College bars sling cheap beer, but the craft places don’t last long around here.  So, just after deciding to take ownership and action toward making myself more fun to be around, along came your email. Instead of spending my day composing bitey remarks on political posts, I will dust off my falernum, order my passion fruit syrup (and maybe a couple fun Tiki glasses) and resurrect my homemade Pimento Dram, which was good, but hasn’t been used in far too long).  Thank you so much for your reminder of another activity that used to make me happy. Here’s to smiling more, summer, and Tiki drinks! Warmly,ShereneJ Jones

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

    • That’s awesome Sherene! I’m glad I might have played a small role in your rekindling if your love for tiki drinks – this book will not disappoint and hopefully will give you the same excitement and love it gave me. : )

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