Entertaining bourbon drinkers…

I’m looking forward to having friends over tonight, and I like to narrow the menu down to a few recommendations so if you’re like me and a hundred page menu like Cheesecake Factory’s overwhelms you, your drinking choices are made simpler.

Tonight our cocktail recommendations are narrowed down to these six tasty libations well-suited for most tastes, but each with something a little special for a special evening.

1) A classic Brown Derby for bourbon or rye lovers

2) A classic Whiskey Sour for a classic bourbon standard

3) A house specialty called a South Grand featuring a flair of ginger liqueur for the clear spirits drinkers

4) A 43 Flip for those who want a creamy eggy specialty and to try something a little less common with the Spanish Licor 43

5) A West Indies Sour for me when I tire of bourbon and gin, and want a change to brandy

6) A Preakness for Manhattan lovers but with an added special factor of Benedictine

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