Happy New Year; Happy Newly Updated “Drink Menu & Manual”!!!

Happy new year, folks!  As the tradition has become, I’m pleased to share with you the newly updated “Scientist McGee Cocktail Menu”!  Each year I update my home bar’s menu of drinks I offer to guests of my home, with newly discovered drinks from the past year.  

This 2016 update is the 6th edition of this “drinks menu” or cocktail book.  This edition has several more updates than past years’ editions.  These updates include:

-Revised title – Now called “Scientist McGee’s Drink Menu & Manual”

-18 new recipes, including 5 original SMcG creations

-New photos sprinkled throughout the old recipes

-New sheet provided (prior to the recipes) to aide in keeping one’s bar stocked and/or informing guests of which drinks cannot be prepared at the moment

-New drinks added to “My Personal Favorites” section

-A recipe for home-made grenadine

-Page 11 – improved recipe

So happy new year! Cheers! I hope you enjoy these drinks!

Cover & Table of Contents: Scientist McGee’s Drinks Menu & Manual – 6th Edition, 2016    

The drinks & recipes, with ingredient index: Scientist McGee’s Drink Menu & Manual – 6th Edition (2016)


The Kansas City Royals Take the Crown! 

I just put this drink together to celebrate the @kcroyals World Championship and say thanks to KC Jazz great Coleman Hawkins whose 8th inning LP spin may have brought on KC’s 9th inning comeback – A “Coleman Hawkins”: 1 1/2oz single malt scotch 1/2oz @fernetbranca 1/4oz @luxardousa Sangue Morlacco 1/4oz Benedictine and a dash of Fee Bros. Whiskey barrel-aged bitters ⚾️


The Drinks of Spring

I do believe there’s nothing finer in life than arriving home from work early enough to enjoy a refreshing drink and nice spring weather in a lawn chair in the backyard with a baseball game on the portable radio, before our little one wakes up from his nap and dinner is ready to eat. 

“Pimm’s Cup”

2oz Pimm’s No. 1, 1/4oz lemon, ginger beer, a cucumber twist and ice


“Spring Training Fizz” (working title?)

1 1/2 to 2oz blanco tequila, blood orange soda, grapefruit bitters and ice

A “Mojito” with cachaca (a “Cachacito”?) 

Muddle 8-10 mint leaves with simple syrup, add 2oz cachaca, 3/4oz lime, crushed ice and top with club soda


1 1/2 to 2oz blanco tequila, grapefruit soda and ice


Unnamed drink

Muddle mint leaves with a few dashes of Peychaud’s bitters, add 2oz rye whiskey, 1/2oz Averna, 1/2oz lemon, ice and ginger beer


“Gin Rickey”

1 1/2oz gin, 3/4oz lime, 2d Bittermens “Boston Bittahs”, crushed ice and club soda


1 1/2oz Campari, 1 1/2oz Italian vermouth, ice and club soda 


The Mint Julep

Yesterday saw the Kentucky Derby horse race. Although I love the history and tradition of the culture of horse racing, I couldn’t care less about it as a sport. But there’s so much more to the Kentucky Derby than the sport of horse racing, I love the fashion of the day with the snazzy hats and the outfits that hearken back to an American golden age of good times and revelry, and my favorite part is the drink of choice that day… the amazing Mint Julep. 

The Mint Julep and Kentucky Derby is as intertwined as beer and baseball. That’s true for my own experience as well. Although I’ll have a mint julep every now and then on a day other than the day of the Kentucky Derby, I don’t do so as often as I really should. It really is too good of a drink to limit to just one special day. Since the drink outshines the horse racing event in my opinion, the drink should appear in one’s life more than the races as well. 

I had my first Mint Julep at a Kentucky Derby party. Every year, a bar in St. Louis called The Royale hosts a derby party and serves fantastic juleps along with great fun and games including live music, charity mouse races and best dressed contests. (I saw Miss Jubilee & the Humdingers play the year I attended, and before that I believe Pokey LaFarge & the South City Three played the event.)  Here’s a video straight from The Royale of how they make a julep: http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/gutcheck/2014/04/mint_juleps_at_the_royale.php 

It’s pretty straight forward and how I prepare mine at home. Here’s a photo of the julep I enjoyed yesterday:


With such an iconic drink comes lots of legendary stories, and the best mint julep story I’ve heard involves those made by Tom Bullock.  

Tom Bullock was a St. Louis bartender at the St. Louis Country Club and author of “The Ideal Baretender” in 1917. In a libel suit regarding a claim that he was frequently drunk, former President Theodore Roosevelt testified that he had only had one drink since leaving the oval office and that was Mr. Bullock’s Mint Julep, and furthermore that he had only had a sip or two.  

Apparently Mr. Bullock’s mint julep was so good, the St. Louis Post Dispatch felt it warranted to call President Roosevelt out in an editorial claiming that no one could possibly limit themselves to only a sip or two of Mr. Bulkock’s julep. (http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/02/18/dining/tom-bullock-the-ideal-bartender-offers-words-of-advice.html?referrer=)


The Mint Julep… a refreshing and stiff drink made of only bourbon, sugar, water and mint.  The Mint Julep… a drink that should be placed upon the mantle of America as prominently as baseball and jazz themselves. 

Scientist McGee’s Cocktail Glass Emporium

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A special nod to the glass that started it all…

This cocktail glass holds a special place in my heart. It was one of the very first glasses I purchased to enjoy fancy drinks in. I purchased it at Kenrick Antique Mall (now called General Grant Antique Mall in its new location further west on Watson Rd.), and it’s always been one of my favorites. On top of that, despite its elegant design and appearance, it’s actually a quite sturdy glass that will hopefully enjoy a long, long life. So cheers to this cocktail glass! Let’s raise it to itself!

Corpse Reviver #2

Equal parts…
Lillet Blanc
lemon juice
triple sec

with 3 drops of absinthe and a cocktail cherry

Shake and serve up


Bella Luna

2oz gin
3/4oz St. Germain
1/2oz creme de violette
3/4oz lemon
1t simple syrup

Shake with ice and serve up