Happy New Year; Happy Newly Updated “Drink Menu & Manual”!!!

Happy new year, folks!  As the tradition has become, I’m pleased to share with you the newly updated “Scientist McGee Cocktail Menu”!  Each year I update my home bar’s menu of drinks I offer to guests of my home, with newly discovered drinks from the past year.  

This 2016 update is the 6th edition of this “drinks menu” or cocktail book.  This edition has several more updates than past years’ editions.  These updates include:

-Revised title – Now called “Scientist McGee’s Drink Menu & Manual”

-18 new recipes, including 5 original SMcG creations

-New photos sprinkled throughout the old recipes

-New sheet provided (prior to the recipes) to aide in keeping one’s bar stocked and/or informing guests of which drinks cannot be prepared at the moment

-New drinks added to “My Personal Favorites” section

-A recipe for home-made grenadine

-Page 11 – improved recipe

So happy new year! Cheers! I hope you enjoy these drinks!

Cover & Table of Contents: Scientist McGee’s Drinks Menu & Manual – 6th Edition, 2016    

The drinks & recipes, with ingredient index: Scientist McGee’s Drink Menu & Manual – 6th Edition (2016)