After having first tasted this delicious drink at Disney World, called a “Brandy Antigua” there, I had to have my own bottle of the crema de alba liqueur. The trouble is it’s really hard to find in stores and it can’t be shipped to the state of Missouri (where I live).

Fortunately a new location of The Wine and Cheese Place opened up near my house (Spirit Wine & Craft). Their my favorite place to buy alcoholic beverages in St. Louis because of their perfect selection, fair prices, and top notch customer service. An example of their stellar customer service is the fact that when I brought up this liqueur that had been so elusive to me, they recommended I check the Friar Tuck in Edwardsville, IL. I called that store the next day and sure enough they had it! The Wine & Cheese Place is THAT good! Even stuff they don’t have, they know exactly where you should check to find it! I had already, long before this, called many shops in Illinois thinking I might find some in our state next door. But I hadn’t called the one place that had it. The one place The Wine & Cheese Place recommended. Now after a 3-year hunt, I have my own bottle!

I immediately went to work mixing up that Brandy Antigua drink only with some nice Armagnac instead since I didn’t have any special brandy on hand at the moment. It lived up to my memory and was as good as I remembered. Yum!

Crema de Alba is a cream based liqueur made from aged Spanish brandy. It’s sort of like Irish cream but instead of being based on Irish whiskey, Spanish brandy. It’s very tasty and it’s only $18.

An Armagnac Antigua

1 1/2oz Armagnac
2d orange bitters
Set up a rocks glass with ice, and fill the rest with Gran Duque Crema de Alba liqueur.

Stir with ice and enjoy. (Good with plain cake donuts)

Armagnac Antigua