Up The Mississippi (from NOLA to STL)

There’s a real nice sense of connection between the great towns of New Orleans and Saint Louis, it seems to me. And I created this drink to pay tribute to that spirit – an “Up The Mississippi”.

2oz @sazeracrye

3/4oz @benedictineliqueur

1/2oz @montellewinery peach #eaudevie

4d @bittercube #Trinity #bitters

*Stir with ice, then strain into a chilled coupe*

Garnish with a lemon twist.

#nola #neworleans #stlouis #peachbrandy #smcgoriginalcocktail #smcg

Missouri Pacific with St. Louis sorghum whiskey

I created this sorghum whiskey cocktail with one of my favorite spirits – S.S. Sorghum made by Still 630. To honor this incredible Missouri whiskey made on the banks of the Mississippi River, I named the drink after the Missouri Pacific Railroad (aka MoPac), one of the first railroads in the US west of the Mississippi River.

To view the recipe of this concoction of sorghum whiskey, cognac, maraschino liqueur, Aperol, locally-made hopped lemon bitters and sugar syrup, visit: https://www.still630.com/cocktails/missouri-pacific

No Room For Squares

I created this drink a few years back using one of my favorite spirits – Still 630’s sorghum whiskey – and naming it after one of my favorite jazz records- Hank Mobley’s “No Room For Squares”. For the recipe of this drink featuring sorghum whiskey, Cointreau, Amaro Nonino, locally-made hopped lemon bitters and Angostura bitters, visit: https://www.still630.com/cocktails/no-room-for-squares

Margaritas or Mint Juleps?

Don’t forget to buy mint for the #kentuckyderby tomorrow!

#mintjulep 🐎

Gently #muddle fresh mint leaves and simple syrup together at the bottom of your glass. Fill the cup up with crushed ice. Pour about 2 oz of #bourbonwhiskey over the ice. Stir gently. Top off with additional #simplesyrup to taste. Garnish with a couple of mint leaves.

¿Mint Juleps or Margaritas?

Don’t forget to buy limes for #cincodemayo tomorrow!

#margarita 🇲🇽

1 1/2oz #blancotequila

1oz #triplesec

1/2oz #lime

Splash of #simplesyrup



The Spectator, a SMcG original

One of my favorite creations… #TheSpectator with 1 1/2oz #blancotequila 3/4oz @luxardousa #maraschinoliqueur 3/4oz #lime 1/4oz #jalapeñosyrup #shake with ice, then strain and enjoy


Scientist McGee’s Drink Menu & Manual – 7th Edition, 2018

I’m pleased as punch to share the latest and greatest version of my home bar drinks menu with all the recipes – over 250!  The first edition of this endeavor was in 2012, and it featured about 75 drinks.  Since then, it’s more than tripled and you can notice the evolution of camera phones through all the photos I’ve taken – beginning with simply a Blackberry and moving along to an iPhone, then an iPhone AND Instagram – haha!

I apologize for it taking me two years to put the finishing touches on this 7th edition, but I’ve been busy drinking.

I hope you enjoy these drinks as much as I do.  Cheers!

Scientist McGee’s Drink Menu & Manual – 7th Edition, 2018 [COVER & SETTING THE BAR]

Scientist McGee’s Drink Menu & Manual – 7th Edition, 2018 [RECIPES & INDEX]



N.Y. Sour

#NYSour: 2oz #ryewhiskey 1/2oz #lemon 1/2oz #simplesyrup #shakethenstrain Float 1/2oz #redwine (port here) on top


Twentieth Century

A #TwentiethCentury w/ 1 1/2oz @gordons_gin 3/4oz @lillet1872 #lilletblanc 3/4oz #lemon 1/4oz #cremedecacao and a #lemontwist

Jefrey With One F

Jefrey With One F: equal parts #brandy and #portwine, couple dashes of whiskey-barrel aged #bitters and an orange twist.

#jefreywithonef #smcgoriginalcocktail