Ferguson, MO

This past year has been a trying one for St. Louis and specifically our neighboring suburban town of Ferguson.

With everything that’s happened in the area and the social unrest it led to, it also led to unrest in the minds of everyone who loves our town. It caused many of us to examine ourselves and our city, and recognize and embrace how much better we can strive to become.

Despite the positive outcome these unfortunate circumstances will hopefully result in, i.e. a better, more united St. Louis, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would disagree that St. Louis could use a stiff drink.

That is why I created this drink during the peak of the unrest, back in September of 2014.

A “Ferguson

2oz brandy
1/2oz Cherry Heering
2d Fortune Teller Bar lemon hopped bitters
Stir with ice, then strain or serve over a large ice cube
Garnish with an orange twist



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