Gray Heart (the drink formerly known as a “Black Heart”)

This is a “Black Heart” (from Experimental Cocktail Club in New York City) minus 2 ingredients. The two missing ingredients are an orange twist, which is meant to be twisted over the drink and then discarded, and a single-malt scotch rinse. I intentionally left out the orange twist due to laziness, and I accidentally left out the scotch rinse due to forgetfulness. In the end however, I think I like this drink even better without those two pieces. I feel like the coffee beans are more prevalent in the drink without those two aspects. (I highly recommend using as strong and dark of beans as you can find.)

Since this drink is not truly the same drink as the “Black Heart”, perhaps we can differentiate between the recipes and refer to this version as a “Gray Heart”?

“Gray Heart”

2oz @wildturkey bourbon
1/2oz Cynar
2d @bittermens Boston Bittahs
10 dark coffee beans
1.5t of maraschino

Stir with ice, strain out the ice and beans, and serve up.



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